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About the Book

Originally this was supposed to be a music album through the church Light of Glory Ministries that I was a member of, but in July 2017 when the church closed its doors, the project was shut down. For a year, the lyrics created, and the music recorded were just sitting around in the binder that I maintained gathering dust. In prayer, I asked God what I should do with this because a lot of time, effort, and work went into the creation of what had been accomplished. The idea of turning it into a book was given to me, and upon asking my former Pastor if he had any objections to me using the lyrics and having them copyrighted into a book, he said it sounded good to him.

The songs and book are formatted into sections like the four seasons of Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Within each season, I have shared some personal stories of what I have experienced in life, that are related to the songs created. Originally the project in music form was going to be titled Grounded, meaning everything we go through in life is manageable when you are grounded and connected by your relationship with God and Christ. Upon working on turning it into a book and getting acquainted with the lyrics and listening to the recordings I had saved, I was inspired to rename it Seasoned by the Seasons of Grace.

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Darlene D. Curl

Darlene was born on April 25th, 1970, in Newburgh New York to the Late Henry Robinson and her mother Veronica Robinson, as well as being the big sister to the Late Dexter Robinson.  She is a divorced mother of two adult daughters, Jelisa and Tinisha, and has a 6-year-old granddaughter named Justus who will turn 7 this year, and affectionately refers to her as VoVo (Grandmother in Portuguese) and has another grandchild on the way, arriving in October of 2022. 


After Graduating from Newburgh Free Academy aka “NFA” High school, class of 1988.  She then enlisted into the United States Air Force, in October of that same year and retired on November 1, 2012, as a Master Sergeant (E7), after serving 24 years in various Administrative, Computer Assistance, and Knowledge Operations Management positions.  Her military career took her around the world to eight duty station assignments; Texas, Germany twice, Pentagon, Korea, Japan, England, Maryland and Deployed three times to the Middle East. 


Darlene has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the American Military University.  Some of her interests are attending events with family and friends at wine festivals, dining at restaurants, listening to live music, dancing, BBQing, and taking pictures (she is referred to by friends as the historian).  She loves working in her garden, cooking, baking, and grilling (has a family event every other month named Iron Chef Our Way with postings on Facebook and Instagram). She is an adventurous soul that likes to travel, and is in her element during nature walks, and hiking.  Darlene is also a bit of an adrenalin junkie having accomplished a Tandem Skydive, riding roller coasters, zip-lining, and jumping off some waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. 


In 2016 after being divinely inspired by God, Darlene created Daily Desire LLC ( making and selling online and at vendor events, Homemade Skincare Products.  She originally created the body butter, for friends as a homemade Christmas Gift a couple of years prior.  After several other people showed an interest in purchasing the product, along with receiving positive feedback about the quality & results of using samples of it, the business was born by the state of Maryland, also on April 25th, 2016. 


Darlene currently resides in Waldorf, Maryland.


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