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Dr. Gabriel E. McCurtis wrote a book about lessons he learned in 1975 during the Ventura Channel League Finals while participating in the 120-yard high hurdles. During the race, he was interfered with by another competitor, which could have caused McCurtis to prematurely quit the race and change the trajectory of his life. However, through the favor of God and bulldog tenacity, young McCurtis finished his race taking first place and setting a new school record for Ventura High School. Through the lessons he learned during the race, Dr. McCurtis has applied those principles to guide him through life.


Dr. McCurtis subsequently matriculated through three institutions of higher learning. He earned three graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in Educational Administration (MA), a Doctor of Educational Administration (Ed.D.), and a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL). Dr. McCurtis’ accomplishments include serving as a K-12 school administrator up to the position of District Superintendent of Schools, becoming a jurisdictional bishop within the Churches of God in Christ denomination, and founding a nonprofit organization to enhance the lives of indigenous peoples of developing nations through education and community economic development.


Through his life’s experiences as a leader, Dr. McCurtis now champions the following transformational message: “I help professionals overcome unexpected career challenges to get back on track, achieve their next career goal, and equip themselves to fulfill their maximum potential.” Therefore, if you are a leader, aspiring leader, or someone that wants to improve their life’s trajectory, the information contained in the book will provide you with the leadership acumen to transform your professional career and accomplish your desired career goal(s) as you develop the mindset of an overcomer.

Dr. Gabriel E. McCurtis

Gabriel E. McCurtis, Ed.D., DSL is a retired K-12 superintendent of schools. McCurtis completed his BA and MA degrees at the University of California, Riverside (1975-1983), a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Calvary Chapel University (2009-2012), and a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) from Southeastern University (2018-2021), where he was inducted into the Florida Lambda Chapter of Alpha Chi, a National College Honor Scholarship Society. McCurtis has been married to Mrs. Deborah McCurtis since 1977. He has three adult daughters: O. Renee Barron (husband Douglas Barron, Sr.), Olympia McCurtis, Jennifer McCurtis, and seven grandchildren.

Dr. Gabriel E. McCurtis

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