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About the Book

Life After... is a compilation of life situations, strategies, and authentic excerpts from men and women who triumphed in the face of adversities. Each author shares transparently, on a heightened level for God's glory and for the reader to know they are not alone in life’s struggles.

Have you ever believed the lie that sweeping the details of trauma and struggle under the rug is fine? Have you ever experienced molestation, rape, cancer, forgiveness, miscarriage, trauma, or chaos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Life After… is for you! The detailed stories you will find within are shared for the sole purpose of deliverance and complete restoration.

If God brings us to It, He will heal us from it daily.

Be encouraged, there is Life After…

Nataija K. Ridley

Nataija Karis Ridley also known by her God-given name, Grace is a 23-year-old Black young woman born in Rochester, New York on July.31,1998. She is a proud single mother of a joy-filled spirit toddler named Dvorah Eden Whitaker (her Honey D.E.W) who is almost 3 years old. She is also a kitty mommy to 9-month-old Esther. In 2016 Grace graduated as an International Baccalaureate student from Joseph C. Wilson Commencement High School where she was a part of the Wilson Pearls Step Team, X-Cats Robotics Team, Upward Bound, Black Scholar, and I.B Learner Profile: Open-Minded recipient. However, her greatest achievements are, accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and Dvorah’s Birth Certificate. Grace went on to pursue her passion for youth in Juvenile Justice and at risk in ACES, obtaining an associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently a Social Work student with a graduation anticipation date of May 2024. Grace is also a FlowerCity AmeriCorps member serving at Saving AJ, Inc Crisis Nursery where she has a passion for child development and healthy family dynamic relationships.

As God placed her in these opportunities aiding to her purpose, Grace a resilient, determined, and tenacious woman of God, overcame Domestic Violence and broke that cycle for herself, and her family, and a solid example for the young women and girls that God is preparing her to mentor through her Non-Profit organization called, Rising Daughters: Mentoring On Purpose For Purpose Initiative.  Grace is more than ready to hone into her God-given gifts of singing, writing, and teaching and uphold an Esther standard of purity in heart, mind, body, and Spirit for God’s girls in this generation. Her story has just begun and is yet to be unraveled and anticipating how God will use her story and gifts to uplift and encourage others humbly.


Contact Information:

Phone: 1-678-532-8920




Instagram: @godlycreatedwithgrace


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