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About the Book

Life After... is a compilation of life situations, strategies, and authentic excerpts from men and women who triumphed in the face of adversities. Each author shares transparently, on a heightened level for God's glory and for the reader to know they are not alone in life’s struggles.

Have you ever believed the lie that sweeping the details of trauma and struggle under the rug is fine? Have you ever experienced molestation, rape, cancer, forgiveness, miscarriage, trauma, or chaos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Life After… is for you! The detailed stories you will find within are shared for the sole purpose of deliverance and complete restoration.

If God brings us to It, He will heal us from it daily.

Be encouraged, there is Life After…

Pastor Priscilla L. Rumph

Pastor Priscilla L Rumph is The Pastor and Founder of Cleansing Stream, a Roundtable Outreach Ministry. We believe, “It’s a Tremendous Blessing to be a Blessing!” One of 15 Children. The major Family occupation is Ministry, both Parents, and 8 Siblings. A #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author of “The Wall’s Around Me” compiled by Myrtha Dubois and eight other Authors and worked in Early Childhood Development as a Certified Professional Nanny, 11yrs. A Special Sitters advocate withThe Al Sigl Center of Rochester, NY, A Compeer Volunteer, and Trained as a Fostercare Parent for The Greater Dayton Ohio Regional Agency. Studied Business at The ABC Center in Rochester, NY. A Hospice of Dayton Volunteer, A Intercessory Prayer Warrior, and A Life Coach who loves to encourage, motivate and inspire others. She enjoys writing poems and songs and working on a New Book about The Affairs of the Heart/Love for your reading pleasure.


Contact Information:

Land Line: 937-938-6407

Cell Phone: 937-542-1606



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