The VTF  Publishing House will create and help you execute a winning Amazon Bestseller Campaign. Amazon bestseller campaign is a coordinated book launch where you get as many people as you can to download or purchase your book within the shortest period of time. Amazon’s Best Seller Ranking System allows you to track how a publication ranks in numerous categories, and a skilled online publisher can help ensure that not only that you rank in the Top 100, but certainly in the Top 10, and often as high as #1. As Amazon has 13 worldwide ebook stores, including USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, India, France, and more, it is even possible to achieve international rankings, in multiple categories. Being an author, and potentially a #1 International Best Seller positions you as an authority that can help grow your brand and business.


Included in this Campaign is a Certificate and a Plaque to forever cement the memory of becoming a Bestselling Author.

Amazon eBook Bestseller Campaign

    • Coaching Calls
    • Setup a universal multi-country Amazon link
    • Give you swipe copy to share with your audience/authors
    • Category & Keyword Research
    • 3D Mockup Images of your Book Cover
    • Let Facebook and LinkedIn groups know about your book campaign
    • Write and publish a press release and let key influencers know to share your book.
    • Bestseller Campaign Graphics
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Live interveiw the day of the Campaign (broadcast via social media outlets)