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Publishing Process

I. Consultation - Authors express interest in Publishing and schedule an appointment to speak with our Publisher.


II. Assessment - Submission of a complete copy of your manuscript is the crucial first step in the publishing process. We will discuss the details of the project, including Proofreading and Editing, production, promotions, publication, distribution, printing, merchandising and fulfillment. During the assessment period, we will discuss and finalize pricing.


III. Editing - Once the draft is received, we assign an experienced editor to review, analyze, proofread, and edit the content thoroughly. All manuscripts are line edited by a professional editor.


IV. Production - With your vision in mind we design the book. After the editing work is completed, a cover will be created, and your book’s pages will be designed. We set the right font, include images and graphical illustrations if any.


V. Promotion - You’ll receive a promotion campaign tailored specifically for your book.

VI. Publication - After getting the approval of the design, the manuscript is published in the clients’ required formats.

VII. Distribution - Our distribution team makes sure your book is available for purchase online and in stores.

VIII. Fulfillment - Get your name out there and generate interest in your book! We’ll help by shipping orders to customers or by teaching you how to ship orders to customers.

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