About the Book

Life After... is a compilation of life situations, strategies, and authentic excerpts from men and women who triumphed in the face of adversities. Each author shares transparently, on a heightened level for God's glory and for the reader to know they are not alone in life’s struggles.

Have you ever believed the lie that sweeping the details of trauma and struggle under the rug is fine? Have you ever experienced molestation, rape, cancer, forgiveness, miscarriage, trauma, or chaos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Life After… is for you! The detailed stories you will find within are shared for the sole purpose of deliverance and complete restoration.

If God brings us to It, He will heal us from it daily.

Be encouraged, there is Life After…

Personal achievements include three beautiful daughters: Nailah, Oria, and Niara all born in previous marriage. After divorcing, she has personally embarked upon leading them in making wholeness a priority. Ms. Gibson believes in staying active for the LORD, with a favorite heartfelt mindset: “Do the work of an Evangelist,” by having her life be a living epistle of JESUS CHRIST. To whom she gives all credit and is the sole reason for her successes including losing over 40 pounds after taking seriously a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and drastically making a healthy lifestyle change. She stands firm in believing that a relationship with the LORD, who has been faithful in pursuing, loving, and molding her into the Woman of God that HE has called her to be, is the foundation of a blessed life. She now seeks to share her testimonies of triumph, conquering, and overcoming giants to encourage the hopeless.


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Talitha N. Gibson

Born Talitha Nyenna Gibson on September 5, 1978, in Highland Park, Michigan, to Ransom Wirt Jr. and Beverly Y. Gibson, Talitha N. Gibson is the only child born to the two but raised by Beverly Gibson and Kenneth Harrington. She attended Highland Park Public Schools, and Detroit Public Schools, and completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunications with a minor in Business at Michigan State University.


Professionally she has acquired over 20 years of managerial experience in both the Public and Private Sectors. She is a worship leader at church. Accomplishments for the Kingdom of God include: “Every Time” praise song available on Spotify, Itunes, or YouTube, a Biblically health Focused YouTube Channel “L.I.F. (Let Inspiration Floe)” purposed for teaching healthy and nutritional eating, the FaceBook Christian and Inspirational Content Page and Prayer Group “Chosen Vessels,” and active establishment of her Nutritional Coaching and Consulting Service “Talitha Cumi LLC.”

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