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This collection of testimonies addresses many of life’s challenges and demonstrates how God has given us the victory. Written by members of The Remnant of Hope International Church, this anthology features testimonies about overcoming:


  • Divorce

  • Abuse

  • Addiction

  • Fornication

  • Being a Widow

  • Cancer

  • Daddy Issues

  • Sickness

  • A broken heart


After each testimony is a word of encouragement, Heap of Hope, to elaborate on God’s capacity to restore you. Not only will you find yourself in the pages of this book, but you will find Hope in Jesus Christ, our solid rock!


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Anthology Co Author

Trinity Clayton

Trinity Amour Clayton was born on March 8, 2003 in St.Mary’s County, Maryland, to Suzanne Middleton-(Clayton) and Timothy Clayton. Her one and only sibling is an older brother, DaJour Clayton.


As a current junior attending Calvert High School. She enjoys taking photos, giving people advice, and sleeping whenever she can. Trinity strives in school, taking on Advanced Honors and AP classes, along with a career path in nursing.


Trinity has big dreams to become something great when she enrolls in college. Though she may not know exactly what she will become. She knows it will be great.


Trinity currently attends Remnant of Hope International Church. And has been a member since 2017. Where she’s a member of the youth group, “The C.R.E.W”.

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