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About the Book

Change leaves us in a constant state of unfamiliarity. This book journeys through Vania Legall’s first ten years as an immigrant. Immigration is riddled with change. But throw in being a new college student, living with new people, and being a new adult, and it's simply chaos with a sprinkle of sadness and extra pumps of tears. But Vania is learning that success comes from embracing the discomfort of change. This acceptance has helped me with learning to drive, how to network and how to kill it in the courtroom.

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Vania D. Legall

Vania Dara Legall is a Guyanese-American immigrant who practices law in the state of Maryland. Her love for dancing and fitness has led her to becoming a licensed Zumba instructor. She is the daughter of Ralph Legall and Sena Chancellor. Vania currently resides in northern Maryland with her husband, Keith Watson Jr. Her passion to serve God and to avail herself to whatever He has planned for her leaves her with excitement for the new chapters of her life.

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