Virgins and Unicorns

Virgins and unicorns, are they related? A unicorn is believed to be a mythical creature that resembles a white horse with a horn centered on its head. In allegories, they are believed to be real but very rare, magical creatures. Unicorns supposedly represent harmony, purity, and all things good. Apparently, virgins nowadays are like unicorns. In these pages, you will find stories of men and women who are modern-day unicorns a.k.a. virgins. Men and women who have decided to fight for what’s right and take a stand for purity no matter the cost. Some stories are funny, others are not, but each will inspire and encourage you to live a life of virginity and abstinence.


We are looking for men and women who are virgins or practicing abstinence to share their story in an upcoming project we are working on.

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