Our Experienced Publishing Coach will walk you through the rigors of self-publishing with ease!

What is a Publishing Coach?

A good publishing coach guides, leads, teaches, and implements the processes of publishing a book as they can help save you money, time, and frustration from making common and costly mistakes associated with the publishing process. Their role also includes hiring professional and affordably priced subcontractors such as editors, book cover designers, and more to ensure a professional product. 

What does a Publishing Coach Do?

A publishing coach takes on the responsibility to professionally publish and make your book or creative works available for sale through distribution networks. A publishing coach takes on or supervises the design and layout of the book and book cover, interior design to include the front and back matter, setting up the title and copyright pages, as well as helping the client to solicit book reviews. A good publishing coach monitors all the various tasks in proper order, on budget, and on time.

What is involved in Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing is an intense creative project. It can take anywhere from three months to a year, depending on several factors. Once the book is written, it needs to be structured from front and back. This includes developing key pieces that should not be decided after the fact and can heavily influence the publishing timeline and process, so it is important that they are considered upfront. The size of the book, number of pages, the general format of the interior need to also be selected before choosing a printer. Hire a professional editor! Editing is key to a professional project and most writers are horrible at editing their work. Having seen the work too long, they develop blindness to errors. Selecting a printer, proofreader, and choosing a distribution network, round out the publishing process.


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