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About the Book

This collection of testimonies addresses many of life’s challenges and demonstrates how God has given us the victory. Written by members of The Remnant of Hope International Church, this anthology features testimonies about overcoming: Divorce, Abuse, Addiction, Fornication, Being a Widow, Cancer, Daddy Issues, Sickness, and Brokenness.

A word of encouragement, Heap of Hope, follows each testimony to elaborate on God’s capacity to restore us. Not only will you find yourself in the pages of this book, but you will find Hope in Jesus Christ, our solid rock!


Deeply committed to serving the Lord and His people, Agnes is a humble woman of God who will assure you that “only what you do for Christ will last,” as she believes that God will get the glory out of her life. Even during the toughest time in her life when Agnes fell ill, she worshipped, praised, and thanked God fervently for surrounding her with a husband, children, family, church, and loved ones who prayed for and supported her. This time in her life assured Agnes that God is a healer and that healing is a process.

Agnes’ passion for going to church is understated. In fact, there is no other place she would rather be as she is a faithful member of The Remnant of Hope International Church, under the leadership of her daughter-in-love, Pastor Margo M. Gross. Every Sunday Agnes can be found praising God and on Wednesday’s, actively engaging in Bible Study lessons.

Agnes is a loving helpmate to the love of her life, Kenneth Gross, and together they remain in Calvert County Maryland, where most of her days are found listening to old-time gospel music and helping others in every way she possibly can. Agnes is the proud mother of her three children, stepmother of two stepsons, and the grandmother of ten, who love game night with the family. She is the ultimate competitor and a diehard New England Patriots fan who stands by her team to the end. Most importantly, everyone who is around Agnes, walks away feeling genuinely loved!

Agnes Gross

Agnes Gross is a native of Calvert County, Maryland, born to Mrs. Clara Ijams and her stepdad, Mr. James Ijams who raised her. After graduating from Calvert High School, Agnes attended Charles County Community College for a year before passionately serving as a Geriatric Assistant for over 30 years. Those under Agnes’ care absolutely adored her and saw her as family, understanding just how much she would do to help someone else in need.

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