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About the Book

All hail to the queen. The queen of any Historically Black College or University (HBCU) is a prominent figure and role model. Within the safe haven of the academic and cultural incubator specific to HBCUs, the campus queen is the pinnacle of college success for some Black women. The Legacy of the Crown: Miss Virginia Union University provides a historical glimpse of previous women who have held the prestigious title. Queen authors, women who have held the title of Miss VUU, share their memorable experiences, lessons they learned, and the legacy they left behind to the next generation of Black queens. This collection of history in words and pictures is a celebration of the culture, inspiration, and strength of not only Virginia Union University and the queens that graced those “hallowed grounds,” but for everyone who relishes in the beauty of the HBCU experience and wisdom for young women around the globe.  

Cindy Lumpkin

Cindy Lumpkin is an educational leader in the field of special education. She worked in Atlanta Public School as a special education teacher before shortly thereafter moving into administration. She lead over 12 special education teachers and paraprofessionals before resigning to run Triumph in Life, Inc., a non-profit organization she founded with a mission to inspire those with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. 

In 2014, she opened Triumph School, which is an accredited K-12 independent school specifically designed for those with learning differences. As a result of the great "Teacher Resignation," Cindy helps teachers who have not lost their passion for teaching, but no longer wish to do it in a traditional setting start their own schools. She has inspired thousands of teachers to explore this option and currently mentors over 800 teachers with an interest in starting their own school in a private Facebook group. 

As a speaker and author, Cindy speaks on special education topics, self-esteem and shares her personal story of triumph over shame that has inspired thousands- no matter their situation. Cindy resides in Metro Atlanta with her husband and three children. You can connect with Cindy via YouTube (Cindy Lumpkin) and Facebook (Cindy Lumpkin, The LD Coach).

Connect with Cindy at if you are interested in learning more. 


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