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About the Book

This collection of testimonies addresses many of life’s challenges and demonstrates how God has given us the victory. Written by members of The Remnant of Hope International Church, this anthology features testimonies about overcoming:


  • Divorce

  • Abuse

  • Addiction

  • Fornication

  • Being a Widow

  • Cancer

  • Daddy Issues

  • Sickness

  • A broken heart


After each testimony is a word of encouragement, Heap of Hope, to elaborate on God’s capacity to restore you. Not only will you find yourself in the pages of this book, but you will find Hope in Jesus Christ, our solid rock!


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Anthology Co Author

Lisa Beverly

Lisa Beverly-Brown was born and raised in Calvert County, MD. Lisa is the proud mother of 1 daughter DeAndrea and was blessed to have 2 bonus children JR and A’daytra. Lisa passionately loves music especially classics like Betty Wright and Clarence Carter. Music speaks to her soul as Betty talks about “no pain no gain” and Clarence “being in my neighborhood.” Lisa’s close friends and family would call her an “old soul.”


She also is a lover of cooking and baking. With her masterpiece being her famous Lemon Pound Cake.  In her spare time she diligently serves the Lord writing biblical drama skits and plays, a ministry of art and heart! Not only is she the playwright but often a member of the cast. In the real-world Lisa would easily admit to “being a bit dramatic” in her starring role of “life”. She writes with intentional messages and added humor, after all that is the spice of life. Lisa’s love of the Lord and His service is what she aims to put on display as an active member of The Remnant of Hope International Church. She proudly serves in the women’s ministry as well. In her challenging work life, she is not only a Staffing Coordinator but also a friend, confident, counselor who introduces the “Way Maker” to hurting coworkers. That is her driven focus in life is to of service to others and serving God.

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