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About the Book

This collection of testimonies addresses many of life’s challenges and demonstrates how God has given us the victory. Written by members of The Remnant of Hope International Church, this anthology features testimonies about overcoming: Divorce, Abuse, Addiction, Fornication, Being a Widow, Cancer, Daddy Issues, Sickness, and Brokenness.

A word of encouragement, Heap of Hope, follows each testimony to elaborate on God’s capacity to restore us. Not only will you find yourself in the pages of this book, but you will find Hope in Jesus Christ, our solid rock!


Alkeisha Williams

Alkeisha Williams, known affectionately as Keisha, is a Washington, DC Metro native. In addition to serving in the field of education, Keisha is known for her passionate worship and active leadership in music ministry for the last two decades in the household of faith. Delivered from a poverty mindset and profound depression, Keisha credits God’s love for pulling her out of the pit! It is no wonder the Lord has called her to inspire and uplift others. Keisha can be quoted saying, “At my core, I am a lover of God and a lover of people. It’s my desire to see all encounter Him in worship.” Her most recent accomplishment was the birth of Alkeisha Williams Enterprises or A.W.E. Her vision is to “equip people of all nations to exercise their gifts and experience the presence and power of God in worship” as she invites them to Stand in AWE of Him! (Psalm 33:8b)

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