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About the Book

Have you ever yearned to hear God's voice? In this captivating journey, we embark on a quest to uncover the many ways He speaks.

Thunderous Voice roars through creation, reminding us of His power and majesty. Authoritative pronouncements ring through scripture, leaving no room for doubt. But God's voice isn't confined to pronouncements. He whispers in the calming breeze, offering comfort and solace. He speaks through the concerned murmur of a loved one, guiding us on our path. And sometimes, His most powerful message is found in the resonant silence, waiting for us to listen.

Responding to His Voice is the ultimate act of faith. In chapter five, we explore the transformative power of obedience, the act of aligning our lives with His will. This book is your compass, helping you decipher the whispers, shouts, and quiet moments where God speaks. Discover the beauty and power of His voice, and find your own voice in response.

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Peaches S. Andrews

Ms. Peaches Syatta Andrews, was born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia. Daughter of the late G. Henry Andrews and the late Mrs. Hawa Fahnbulleh Wright, Ms. Andrews migrated to the United States in September 1980 and has lived here ever since. She is a mother of four adult children and five grandchildren.


In 2004, Ms. Andrews graduated from the University of Maryland University College in College Park, Maryland, where she proudly earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management.


In addition, Ms. Andrews is a devoted servant and woman of God. She received and answered her call into ministry at a very young age. Also, she attended and received her Ministerial Leadership Training through Pastor Dr. A.O. Solomon of the Shadow and Finger of the Almighty Ministries in Chicago, Illinois.


Ms. Andrews has spent most of her life working with both adults and children of all ages and at all levels, including those attending various universities, students in public schools, childcare workers and children of all ages, health care workers and patients, and in the Church sectors.


Ms. Andrews has worked as the youth minister for 10 years at Restoration Chapel International Ministry in District Heights, Maryland. She enjoys helping people grow and advance in the Kingdom of God and keeping and nurturing a close effectual relationship with God.


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