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Calling all daughters who carry the spirit of their fathers within their hearts!

Open your heart and tell us about your dad.

We're seeking heartfelt essays, poems, letters, or even short stories that paint a vivid picture of your relationship with your father. Was he a man of quirks and wisdom, whose laughter could fill a room? Share a cherished memory, a life lesson that resonates, or the way he made you feel safe and loved.

Your contribution will:

  • Honor your father's memory: Your words will become a lasting tribute, echoing with other daughters who've experienced loss.

  • Leave a lasting legacy: You could become a bestselling author, touching lives with your story.

  • Empower others: Your voice can offer solace and support to those yearning for a connection to their fathers.

This isn't just about a book, it's about sharing the unique and powerful bond between fathers and daughters.


Imagine leaving a lasting tribute to your father and inspiring other daughters. All for $195. Join this powerful collaboration and become a published author by June 2024.

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