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The Heart That Forgives Anthology

Project Overview

Daughters, have you ever looked up at the night sky and wished you could tell your dad one more thing? Have you ever held a worn-out baseball cap or a favorite fishing lure, feeling the phantom warmth of his hand in yours?


We know the unique ache of losing a father. He was the one who taught us to ride a bike, fix a flat tire, and believe in ourselves. He was our protector, our confidant, our biggest cheerleader. And even though he's gone, his memory lives on in every beat of our hearts.


"Daddy’s Girl" is a book collaboration unlike any other. It's a chance for daughters who have lost their fathers to come together, share their stories, and celebrate the incredible men they called Dad. It's a space to honor their legacies, keep their spirits alive, and find solace in the shared experience of love and loss.


What We're Looking For:

We're searching for heartfelt essays, poems, letters, or even short stories that capture the essence of your relationship with your father. Tell us about his quirks, his wisdom, his infectious laughter. Share a favorite memory, a life lesson he taught you, or the way he made you feel safe and loved.


No story is too big or too small. We want to hear them all because every daughter's experience is unique and precious.


What You Gain:

By contributing to "Daddy’s Girl," you'll become part of a powerful community of women who understand your pain and celebrate your joy. Your story will not only honor your father but also touch the hearts of countless other daughters who have walked a similar path.


Your piece will be featured in a beautifully designed book, a lasting tribute to the fathers we hold dear. You'll also receive a contributor copy of the book, a tangible reminder of the strength and resilience you embody.


This is more than just a book; it's a movement. It's a way to keep our fathers' memories alive, to inspire one another, and to let the world know the profound impact they had on our lives.


Are you ready to share your story and join the "Daddy’s Girl" family?


Together, we're building a heartfelt tribute to fathers – a book woven from daughters' memories and legacies. To make this vision a reality, we'll need a team effort, and your contribution is invaluable. Here's how you can be a part of it:


Your Story:

  • Share your memories: Up to 2,500 words of your dad's laughter, lessons, and love – in any format that feels right

  • Tell us about you: A 150-word bio that captures your essence (contact, social media, and/or website info optional).

  • A cherished photo: Share a picture of your dad, alone or with you (optional, but a beautiful way to personalize the book).


Your Support:

  • Investment in Legacy: A $195 contribution helps cover the costs of bringing this project to life. This includes:

  1. Professional design: Cover art, interior layout, and eBook formatting.

  2. Expert editing: Polishing your story for maximum impact.

  3. Accessibility for everyone: eBook distribution on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  4. Protection and promotion: Copyright, ISBN, LCCN, and barcode.

  5. Initial marketing & launch materials: Building awareness and excitement.

  6. Dedicated project management: Ensuring everything runs smoothly.

  7. Your personal copy: A paperback to hold the memories close.

  8. Your online presence: An author landing page to connect with readers.

  9. Celebratory events: Planning and promotion for book launch.

  10. Media tools: A comprehensive media kit to champion your story.


Your Commitment:

  • Meeting deadlines: Keeping the project moving forward together.

  • Spreading the word: Sharing "Daddy's Girl" with your networks (social media, word-of-mouth, etc.).


By contributing your story, support, and commitment, you'll be helping create a lasting tribute to fathers and a powerful source of connection for daughters everywhere. Join us in making "Daddy's Girl" a reality!


Questions about "Daddy's Girl"

1. What happens to my copyright?

The copyright for "Daddy's Girl" will be registered under LaKesha L. Williams, with all contributors acknowledged as co-authors. You retain exclusive rights to your individual story within the book.


2. How will I be credited as a co-author?

You'll be prominently featured as a co-author inside the book with your name, a brief bio, and your preferred contact information.


3. Where can readers buy the book?

"Daddy's Girl" will be available in both paperback and eBook formats:​

  • Direct purchase: You can also sell copies directly through your website or in person if you choose.

  • Author copies will be available for purchase through The VTF Publishing House (a subsidiary of The VTF Group LLC)


4. Do I need to sign an agreement to participate?

Yes, you'll receive an agreement to review, sign, and submit along with your contribution fee. This ensures everyone's rights are protected and the project runs smoothly.


January 6, 2024 Interest Meeting

January 31, 2024 Payment & Signed Co-Author Agreement Due

February 3, 2024 Conference Call

March 2, 2024 Conference Call

March 31, 2024 Stories Due via Anthology Upload Form

April 6, 2024 Conference Call

May 4, 2024 Conference Call

June 1, 2024 Conference Call/ Bestseller Campaign Instructions Emailed

​June 9, 2024 Virtual Launch & Bestseller Campaign

Soooooo, what’s next?

1. CLICK HERE to Submit your payment to secure your spot

2. CLICK HERE to Acknowledge and Sign the Anthology Terms and Conditions

3. CLICK HERE to Submit your story, bio, and photo

4. Sit back and wait for updates


Together, we can weave a tapestry of love, loss, and hope that will honor our fathers and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Don't let your father's memory fade. Share your story today.


Remember, even in the darkest night, the stars still shine. And the love we share for our fathers will forever light our way.


We look forward to hearing from you.


In loving memory of all the Dads we miss,


The "Daddy’s Girl" Team

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