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Meet Coach Kesha

Affectionately known as Coach Kesha, LaKesha L. Williams is a mastermind in her own right. She is a world-renowned author, acclaimed speaker, publisher, and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This dynamic strategic visionary is the CEO and owner of The VTF Group LLC and The VTF Publishing House, a business consulting firm and top-notch hybrid publishing house that is known for multiple national and international best-sellers.

LaKesha has authored twenty books, including multiple bestsellers. Her most recent project, Unquestionably Free was released February of 2023.

LaKesha is a board-certified master mental health coach, a certified professional Christian life coach, and a trained sexual assault victim advocate. As a virgin, LaKesha is an advocate of abstinence, purity, and virginity until marriage.

LaKesha enjoys serving in the community. When she is not serving or working in the community, LaKesha can be found spending time with her family and close friends, watching movies, sharing laughs, trying new recipes, traveling, and creating new memories.


For bookings, business, and ministry inquiries, please email

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