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About the Book

It's time to break forth into the freedom that God has given us. God desires to make our dreams come true. He wants to literally surpass what we expect. His unfailing love will never let us down. We can trust him with our deepest desires. We can also trust him with our deepest failures and past hurts, so they won't hinder our deepest desires. Those things won't get in the way of the free life. Those things won't be used by the enemy to let life pass us by while we are under the subjection of them. Life will be free of stuck places. We will learn from every mistake and live without regret, because we have a compassionate heart and loving Father that forgives us and wants us to forgive. Please take the time to examine these pages and see what God has in store for you. I promise you won't regret it. You will be praising God that he cares so deeply for you that he's coming to your rescue. Yes, I'm excited for you to join the many others of us that broke free and are loving it.



About the Book

You are a precious jewel in God’s crown, shiny and beautiful. Draw close and let Him polish and perfect you in His unconditional love so that you can discover your true purpose and fulfil your destiny. God equips you for your mission in life so that YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES!



About the Book

New Release forthcoming Winter 2023

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Bonita Quinn

Bonita Quinn is a writer and teacher of the Word of God, whose passion for helping others has changed the lives of many to live life in abundance. A dedicated wife and mother of two adult children, Bonita also is the Co-Pastor of Manna-Fest Destiny Ministries in St. Robert and Mixon Missouri. She is from Anniston, Alabama. She enjoys exercising to stay healthy.


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