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  • Digital & Physical Publication: Share your story globally
  • Manuscript Assessment: Unlock expert feedback
  • 1-on-1 Coaching: Master the craft with personalized guidance
  • Welcome Gift: Access exclusive gifts, tools, and resources
  • Editing & Typesetting: Ensure flawless presentation
  • Full-Color Covers: Capture attention
  • Universal ISBNs & LCCN: Secure unique identifiers
  • Categories & Keyword Optimization: Reach the right readers
  • Strategic Launch Plan: Chart your course to success
  • Global Distribution: Expand your reach
  • Digital Proof: Preview your masterpiece before it shines
  • Physical Proof: Hold your published work in your hands
  • Landing Page & Short Link: Build your online presence
  • Merchant Account: Sell directly through your website
  • Email Blast: Connect with thousands of potential readers
  • Marketing & Promotion: Leverage our extensive reach


Essential Package


    • All prices are non-negotiable.
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