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There are often times when we miss seeing beauty either in our brokenness or in the tragedies that we experience. Does this ring true for you? Are you having trouble seeing God in your trials? Are you asking God how things will work out for your good? If so, the good news is that God has a way of using what would usually seem to kill us, destroy us, or make us give up and throw in the towel to bring about restoration and wholeness that will bring Him Glory. In this book collaboration, ordinary men and women share their personal stories of grief, sobriety, barrenness, health challenges, divorce and more. Take a deep breath and see how God took these amazing individuals from Tragedy to Triumph! Their powerful stories will bless you, renew you, and remind you of the hope that lies in knowing God is truly the God of Restoration.

Restoration Speaks ~ Speak Loud: From Tragedy to Triumph

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